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Cuba Presents in Italy Special Western Zone Business Opportunities

Cuba Presentan-en-RomaA Cuban delegation is presenting here today to Italian entrepreneurs the business opportunities and investments in the Mariel Special Development Zone (MSDZ), located 45 kilometers west of Havana.

The meeting, organized by the island’s embassy in this country and the Italy-Cuba Business Committee, will be held at the national headquarters of Confesercenti, an association of small, medium-sized businesses of industry, commerce, services, crafts and tourism.

Confersercenti gathers about 350,000 companies with nearly one million workers and its structure brings together 70 professional federations, 20 regional headquarters, 120 provincial and more than 1,000 premises.

Prior to the presentation, the delegation of the Caribbean nation led by Oscar Pérez-Oliva, MSDZ’s Business Assessment Director, will hold bilateral meetings with representatives of important firms of the industrial sector.

Before Rome, the members of the Caribbean delegation visited Padua, where they met with entrepreneurs from that northern Italian city in a meeting in which ambassador, José Carlos Rodríguez, and commercial counselor, Emma Liens, also participated.

The visit to that important Italian economic center in the Veneto region was sponsored by Promex, an entity of the Chamber of Commerce of that city, specialized in advising and supporting companies interested in opening up to the international market.

The MSDZ is an area with a special regime and policies to promote the sustainable economic development of the nation through foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration.

Its objective is to increase exports, achieve import substitution and establish new sources of employment, in constant synergy with the domestic economy. In this area, businesses are promoted in the industrial, agricultural, metal-mechanic, tourist and other sectors authorized by Cuban laws, based on clean technologies and the production of value-added goods and services based on knowledge and innovation.

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