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Habanos, First Line on Experts’ Debate

habano1The beginning of debates and exchanges of experiences on the Cuban tobacco industry favors today the opening of the International Seminar during the 20th edition of the Habano Cigar Festival.

These meetings take place at the Havana’s Conference Center, where many people are even trained on how to roll a Cuban cigar, by the country’s leading cigar rollers.

The keynote speech on how to roll a cigar is this time in charge of expert Miguel Bárzaga, who illustrates a ‘Figurado’.

Historian Eduardo Torres will also speak on the trajectory of this industry, and researcher Eumelio Espinoza in terms of genetic improvement.

Today’s activities also include today the matching between Habano cigars and Torres Spanish wines, in which participants expect to appreciate the enhancement of these products.

Cuban tobacco has a distinctive brand, almost since its beginnings: the best handmade cigar in the world. Then, the category has an undeniable name Denomination of Origin: Habanos.

All these elements are on the table during the International Seminar, where attendees get in touch, at first hand, with the most renowned specialists in the different matters of cigars.

(Prensa Latina)

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