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First stage of Latin American Film Festival ends in Cuba


The first stage of the 42nd International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema ends today in Cuba, but the event will remain open because its competition days will take place in March 2021. Dividing the festival in two phases was the solution its organizers found amid the difficult situation unleashed by Covid-19 worldwide.

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Eleven spring scenes

cuba teatro flcklore

The tenth edition the Mayo Teatral festival, a biennial event organized by the Casa de las Américas, offered 11 full days of dissimilar programming that allowed Havana and several Cuban provinces to see some of what is happening on the Latin American and Caribbean scene.

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Havana International Guitar Festival and Contest


Jesús Ortega, president of the 15th Havana International Guitar Festival and Contest, noted, “Any event that brings together global figures such as Gismonti, Pepe Romero and Eliot Fisk, is of enormous importance, because they are role models, not by copying them, but for their world class performance, even of the simplest things.”

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French Festival in Cuba to Screen 14 Films


The 21st French Film Festival will premiere 14 contemporary French feature films from April 11th to 22nd, said organizers of the event. The festival has scheduled more than 100 screenings during two weeks, which totals 24 productions that include three documentaries, five classic feature films and one cartoon.

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Habano Festival, a Look at Cigar Factories


Participants at the 20th Habano Cigar Festival are visiting Partagás and La Corona factories, to learn more about the manufacture of the most famous Premium cigars in the world. Both industries are located in the central area of this capital, in humble neighborhoods, where tradition and history enrich and follow the knowledge about how to roll a cigar in the best possible way.

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Habanos, First Line on Experts’ Debate


The beginning of debates and exchanges of experiences on the Cuban tobacco industry favors today the opening of the International Seminar during the 20th edition of the Habano Cigar Festival.

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A celebration of the best tobacco in the world


Over the years the Habano Festival has maintained its celebratory spirit, honoring the best tobacco in the world; and has not only become the leading event showcasing high quality Cuban cigars but is also recognized as the ideal place for habano lovers from around the world to come together.