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President Raúl Castro honors Revolution leaders with Work Hero title

f0013451Cuban President Raul Castro has decorated three leaders of the 1959 Revolution with the title of “Work Hero of the Republic of Cuba.”

The ceremony, held over the weekend in Havana’s Capitol building, home of the National Assembly, commemorated the 123rd anniversary of the beginning of what National Hero José Martí called Cuba’s ‘Necessary War.’

On February 24, 1895, Marti relaunched the country’s independence struggle, which eventually freed Cuba from Spanish colonial rule.

At the ceremony, the Cuban president honored three revolutionary veterans who fought alongside Fidel Castro and himself to overthrow U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista: Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, current second secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, and Commanders of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés and Guillermo Garcia.

Raúl said: “As a common characteristic of these three liberators of our time, I can cite their loyalty to the Revolution and Fidel, their dedication to work, modesty and humility, which have made them worthy of the recognition and the respect of Cubans.”

All three revolutionary leaders were previously honored with “Hero of the Republic” — Cuba’s highest distinction.

(Radio Habana Cuba)

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