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Thanks to the Revolution new facilities open in the Isle of Youth

Isla de la Juventud desarrolloThis island is known among the archipelago’s many as the site of the infamous Presidio prison, but it is much more. It has always been more, but the Revolution made it visible.

This potential is evident today in various projects currently underway, as Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez noted during a visit here, which included a stop at the children’s theater La Toronjita Dorada, where he emphasized the quality of restoration work done and the young actors’ enthusiasm.

At the Santa Fe Heath Center, Díaz-Canel noted the impact of recent construction on the quality of life and services for the older adults living here, highlighting the state’s commitment to supporting this sector of the population.

He likewise visited Nueva Gerona’s renovated central boulevard and the new Computer Palace, where construction is complete and equipment being installed, as well as a location being rehabilitated to provide 44 homes. He called on authorities to take better advantage of local production of building materials to improve the island’s housing stock.

Díaz-Canel wished the population a happy New Year, congratulating them for the notable development underway, and recalled that to be celebrated in 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the internationalist schools project designed by Fidel, that began here, validating the values of a place that was given new life by the Revolution.


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