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The struggle against the blockade is a struggle for humanity

Venezuela cuba bloqueoVenezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information (Minci), Ernesto Villegas, stated that the struggle against the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba for almost 60 years is also a struggle in defense of humanity.

“We feel as though it (the struggle) were our own, and when we say no more blockade against the noble homeland of Martí, of Maceo, Fidel and Raúl, we are also saying no more blockades against any other people on the Planet, and in particular, in Latin America,” stated Villegas in the National Library’s Hugo Chávez hall.

In this sense, he noted that the struggle against the blockade is also a struggle for the dignity of the Cuban people, stating that “Homeland is humanity,” in reference to the island’s National Hero José Martí, who called for the creation of a fraternal relationship between the peoples of the world.

Villegas also emphasized how the Cuban people have resisted this genocidal policy, highlighting the influence of Comandante Fidel Castro who, speaking to his people stated that “when you stand up against perverse mechanisms (such as the blockade), you illuminate the dignity of all the peoples of the world with your greatness.”

The Venezuelan official went on to reaffirm the unbreakable ties of solidarity between Cuba and his country; both of which, he noted, will resist and triumph against imperialist harassment.

Likewise, he denounced the media campaigns, just like those carried out in his country, against the Caribbean island, which seek to present a distorted image of Cuba’s reality to the world.

“The Cuban people are joyful, optimistic and welcoming, which is why no economic blockade has been able to defeat them.”
Later, Villegas participated in the inauguration of a solidarity exposition of posters, part of the #NoMasBloqueo (No More Blockade) campaign, calling for an end to the hostile policy against the island. Also in attendance were Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela, Rogelio Polanco; other representatives of the accredited diplomatic corps in the country; and officials from the Bolivarian Republic’s Foreign Ministry.

Shortly before the unveiling, Polanco exhibited the report on the Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba, which will be presented by the Caribbean island before the United Nations General Assembly, this November 1.

(Radio Habana Cuba)

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