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Turnat 2017 concludes

viñalesThe 11th edition of Cuba’s International Nature Tourism Event, Turnat 2017, was held in Baracoa, in the eastern province of Guantánamo September 26-30, and was devoted to the promotion of the island’s natural attractions and the consolidation of Cuba as a destination for nature tourism.

More than 150 participants from 12 countries visited important sites such as

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, a World Heritage Site; Bariay National monument, where Christopher Columbus landed; as well as protected areas in the Maniabón karst hills; the Chorro de Maíta waterfall; Taco Bay; Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere reserve; and the Yumurí River.

With a view toward future commercialization, presented were new travel routes focused on coffee, chocolate, and Columbus.

Also presented to travel agents, tour operators, ecologists and conservationists in attendance was information on the management of the Cuban archipelago’s most representative landscapes, as well as efforts underway to restore environmental damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

The event’s exchanges proved valuable to professionals involved in this type of tourism, while the leadership of Cuba’s Ecotur travel agency was recognized for its successful organization of natural excursions.

During the closing session of Turnat 2017 in La Punta recreation center, the next such gathering, Turnat 2019, was announced.


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