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Fidel & Raúl honor Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida

Almeida homenajeFloral wreaths Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro and Army General Fidel Castro were presented during a tribute to Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida Bosque, commemorating the 7th anniversary of his death, yesterday September 11, in this mountain community, in the municipality of Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba province.

At the side of the monument which crowns the mausoleum where the remains of Tercer Frente heroes and martyrs rest, also presented by outstanding cadets from the Camilo Cienfuegos Military Academy was a wreath in the name of the Cuban people.

The tribute began with the traditional march from Cruce de los Baños to La Esperanza Hill, led by Party Central Committee member and Provincial First Secretary Lázaro Expósito, and Brigadier General Rafael Hernández.

Likewise participating were Beatriz Jhonson, Central Committee member and president of the Provincial Assembly of Peoples Power; decorated Heroine of the Republic, Brigadier General Delsa Esther Puebla Viltre (Teté); and relatives of the beloved Rebel Army Comandante, writer, and musician.

Almeida participated in the 1953 assault on the Moncada Garrison; the Granma expedition; and founded the guerilla front in this region, which grew to 6,000 square kilometers under Rebel control. Among his many virtues, he is remembered for his loyalty to Fidel and Raúl, and his closeness to the people who so loved and admired him.


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