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Juan Almeida’s love for the homeland and music

juan almeida

Music ran through not only Juan Almeida’s veins – as the saying goes – but in his very existence, which had all the ingredients for a good bolero or guaracha. The humble young bricklayer, who at 26 years of age joined the revolutionary struggle, managed to live one of the most unique love stories known today: love for the homeland and music.

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Comandante Juan Almeida in life


f0025499The Cuban people always considered it the third most important figure of the Cuban Revolution after Fidel and Raúl. Along with Armando Mestre, Almeida met the young Fidel at the University of Havana following the Batista coup of March 10, 1952. A revolutionary was born.

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Fidel & Raúl honor Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida

Almeida homenaje

Floral wreaths Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro and Army General Raúl Castro were presented during a tribute to Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida Bosque, commemorating the 7th anniversary of his death, yesterday September 11, in this mountain community, in the municipality of Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba province.