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Drought continues to affect Cuba

agua potableSome one million people are currently affected by the drought situation in Cuba, which has been impacting the island since the end of 2014, sources from the National Institute of Water Resources (INRH) reported in the capital.

Abel Salas, first vice president of the institute, told reporters that about 70,000 people are currently receiving water supplies from tank trucks, due to insufficient levels in normal supply sources. The majority are located in Santiago de Cuba, the province hardest hit by the phenomenon.

The official added that the rationing cycle (providing water for a certain number of hours, at different times of the day) for those receiving water from the main supply network had been extended, as part of the measures implemented in the country to cope with the drought.

In recent statements, it was revealed that 260 water supply sources across the island are partially or severally affected by the drought, located mainly in the Santiago area.

According to Salas, although forecasts for May, the first month of the country’s rainy season, indicate a favorable upward trend in rainfall, the risks associated with the drought should continue to be emphasized, along with rational water use.

Among measures to reduce the impact of the drought, especially in the hardest hit provinces, are rationing cycles, coupled with the construction of new supply works and the implementation of a program to repair and prevent leaks.


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