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Drought in Europe leaves shocking images of its famous rivers without water


The consequences of the historical drought go far beyond a sad picture and all of Europe suffers its consequences: dozens of ships remain anchored, as in the Danube, because there is not enough draft to navigate. Gigantic sandbanks also slow down river trade in sections of the Rhine, where coal freighters go to a third of their capacity, generating huge losses for companies. Cruise ships and tourist barges are also not allowed to operate on some rivers such as the Loire where today you can cross walking from side to side.

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Drought continues to affect Cuba

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Some one million people are currently affected by the drought situation in Cuba, which has been impacting the island since the end of 2014, sources from the National Institute of Water Resources (INRH) reported in the capital.

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Combating drought with preparation and teamwork


Havana has not escaped the current drought affecting the entire country, given that its total reservoir capacity stands at 35%. As a consequence the city has 1,595 liters of water per second (L/s) less than necessary. Some 48,194 residents have reported problems with their water supply, with Old Havana, Central Havana and Bo yeros the three worst affected municipalities.