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Documentary on Celia Sánchez premieres in Granma

celia_sanchezThe film, which premiered in this city January 10, was produced by Mundo Latino, with script by Servando Valdés and directed by Ariel Prieto-Solís, and presents an accurate, inspiring recollection of the life and work of one of the nation’s most outstanding figures.

The documentary presents the mischievous child, the sober adolescent and the bold, intelligent woman, capable of disguising herself to trick the dictatorship’s soldiers and hiding in a field of spiny marabou to evade them.

Its 57 minutes fly by quickly, as the film portrays the role of Celia’s father in her development; her critical contribution as the underground combatant who organized the human network needed to save several revolutionaries after the landing of the yacht Granma; and how she became the first woman incorporated into the Rebel Army.

After the premier in the cities of Bayamo and Manzanillo, the documentary will be presented today, the 11th, in Media Luna and Pilón, and broadcast on national television to commemorate the 36th anniversary of her death, January 11, 1980.

(Darelia Díaz Borrero, Granma)

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