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Book Fidel Castro: Guerillero del Tiempo presented in Shanghai

fidel libroThe book Fidel Castro: Guerillero del Tiempo, (Guerilla of Time) with prologue by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution himself, was presented by its author Katiuska Blanco, yesterday, October 15, in Shan ghai, China’s second most important city.

The launch of the Mandarin edition, which has already been presented in Beijing and will soon be unveiled in the southern province of Guangzhou, is just one of the many activities being carried out this year by the Cuban embassy in China to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Published by the People’s Daily Editorial, a sub-branch of the news paper bearing the same name, the book is a compilation of conversations between the statesman and leader of the Cuban Revolution and its author.

Structured around a question and answer format, the work includes family and personal memoirs, reflections by Fidel from his childhood to the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

During the presentation of the Mandarin edition, the Cuban journalist and writer recalled her first meeting with Fidel in 1993 and subsequent conversations with the leader at different times.

Translated by Song Xiaoping and Xu Shicheng, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Latin American Institute, the book also includes 170 photographs.

In the prologue by Fidel Castro, written especially for the Mandarin edition, the leader describes his relationship with the thousand-year-old nation, exchanges between the two countries and the Cuban people’s admiration for the Chinese population.
Culture is an intangible bridge of friendship, respect and admiration between sister peoples. It was, in our case, the start of a history in which admiration and fraternal sentiments prevailed, endured and are currently being strengthened, expressed Fidel Castro in his note.

The Spanish edition of the book was published in Cuba in 2012, and was positively received in various countries.


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