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Cuba, Spain and Brazil at the 21st International Guitar Festival of Costa Rica

guitarraCuba, Brazil and Spain will star the 21st International Guitar Festival, to be held in Costa Rica from August 28 to 30, at the National Theater, as said in a statement by its organizing committee.

The event will last three nights, each having a different approach: a Cuban night, a Spanish night and a Brazilian night, with the participation of outstanding artists from these three countries.

Among the guests we have Jorge Luis Zamora (Cuba-Costa Rica), Eduardo Martín (Cuba), Javier Conde, Spanish guitar (Spain), Zaira Santos, dancer (Spain), Paco “El Levita”, singer (Spain), and Yamandu Costa (Brazil). Silvia Amaro (Cuba) and Edín Solís (Costa Rica) are among the special guests.

Jorge Luis Zamora, director of the Festival, said in the statement that “what people will enjoy, speaking of visual terms will be three palettes of different colors, but with so much in common. The music of the participating nations is autochthonous, which makes this event very interesting”.

(By CubaSi)

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