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Fidel visits Food Industry Research Institute

Fidel industria alimenticia quesosOn the afternoon of July 3, Fidel held a four-hour-long meeting with 19 master cheese makers from MINAL’s (Ministry of Food Industry) Food Industry Research Institute in the town of Guatao.

During the encounter – where Fidel expressed his thoughts on problems affecting food production levels, such as climate change and wars – topics relating the former quality and quantity of cheese manufacturing in the country through the Special Period and the need recover said standards were discussed in depth.

Many of the experienced participants who trained during those years and continue to work at the Institute, spoke in the meeting explaining to Fidel the actions being undertaken to gradually achieve the aforementioned production levels while maintaining the necessary standards of quality, vital to which is the training of master cheese makers.
Participating in the meeting were María del Carmen Concepción González, minister of Food Industry, representatives from MINAL’s Directive Council, Business Group, and teaching staff.


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