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The Gold is Mine (+Photos)

One had to be there to see it: A sea of people on the streets despite the heat, the strong sunlight and the long wait to welcome the baseball team.

After a tour through several municipalities of the province the team of Alfonso Urquiola returned to Pinar del Rio where tens of thousands were awaiting to thank him for the dream come true of being champions again.

One by one went up the stage: Lorenzo Quintana, David Castillo, Vladimir Baños, Norlis Concepción, Yosvani Torres, Yovani Peraza… all of them full of joy, waving the people and dancing with good reggeaton.

And Urquiola came in, the crowd went crazy, screaming, crying, laughing, and hugging the players…it was amazing, and Pinar lived it and will live it for the next few days.

Yesterday night and today everyone is still crazy, but crazy of joy, of satisfaction for feeling the best baseball players of the country again, champions despite all predictions and criticism.

And Donal Duarte, the captain of the team closed the ceremony as cheerful and original as always, singing: “the gold is mine, you share” and the crowd continued “the silver and the bronze”.

Well the gold is home now, the party has just begun…

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