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Syria, Iran to Implement FTA at Crucial Time


Iran and Syria will consolidate their strategic relations and ties at a crucial time for both countries, after the implementation of a free trade agreement (FTA) a month from now. The FTA, seen in both capitals as an important step to complement their economies, establishes that Syrian products on the Iranian market, for example, will enjoy a gradual reduction of customs tariffs over the next five years. Those rates will decrease 20 percent each year over the next five years up to zero, while Damascus will bring about preferential facilities to investors and goods from Iran.

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USAID contractor work in Cuba detailed


Piece by piece, in backpacks and carry-on bags, American aid contractor Alan Gross made sure laptops, smartphones, hard drives and networking equipment were secreted into Cuba. The most sensitive item, according to official trip reports, was the last one: a specialized mobile phone chip that experts say is often used by the Pentagon and the CIA to make satellite signals virtually impossible to track.

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A Species in Danger, Cuba Warns the World


Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto talked of the need for a new alert to a world that is going over the edge, at the presentation of the website A Species in Danger. Speaking to the intellectuals attending the 21st Havana Book Fair, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Prieto highlighted the call made by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to fight every day against the irrationality prevailing on the planet.

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From the heart of Havana in Pabellón Cuba, surrounded by very young people and the fantastic music of Cuban Singer Raúl Torres, I sat down and let my feelings of love flow freely. Love is a wonderful feeling that moves the world, no matter what your ideas are in science, arts, life and culture, politics or anything else. Everyone shares their love, so today is a day for all here in this little but deep and emotive space in Cuba, in the world.

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Cries of love to Havana, to Cuba


The evening runs from its blue into the golden nuances , in Havana horizon. Groups of young people full of excitement and eager to share preferences and feelings are occupying the yard of the Cuba Pavilion in the heart of Vedado. The usual venue of the exhibition Art in La Rampa, venue of the International Book Fair of Havana, and which also houses the Association “Hermanos Saiz”, is invaded by the love of Cuban youth.

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Cuban woman’s letter to her husband unjustly imprisoned in U.S.


“I wish to wake up by your side and hug you as most couples will do; of them, I am envious today. A right we have been deprived of for a long time; more than fourteen years without kissing you, touching you, settling for only listening to your voice on a phone call whenever possible, a postcard or some detail thanks to your characteristic creativity and to the solidary support of those who manage to get a smile of happiness out of us.” Adriana’s letter

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Cuba Condemns Tightening of U.S. Blockade

Cuba Bloqueo

The economic, commercial and financial U.S. blockade against Cuba has now been in force for 50 years, and its harrasment and siege mechanisms are being strengthened, the cuban Foreign Ministry reported on Tuesday. In an interview with the Prensa Latina news agency, Anayansi Rodriguez, head of Multilateral Affairs, denied that the measure enacted on February 7, 1962, by then U.S. President John F. Kennedy, is being applied with more flexibility, as the White House claims.

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The Marketing of Yoani Sánchez: Translation as invention


As one might have expected, Bloomberg and Reuters dutifully shaded their reports on the recent visit to Cuba of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff with mentions of the Yoani Sánchez Twitter campaign to pressure Rousseff to intercede on Sánchez’s behalf and persuade the Cuban government to grant her an exit visa to attend a propaganda event in Brazil.

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Cubans Mourn Sara Gonzalez

Sara Gonzalez

Cuban media have widely covered on Thursday the life and work of singer songwriter Sara González, one of the most representative voices of the Cuban New Song Movement, who died of cancer at age 60. Her death, announced on Wednesday, has raised a wave of grief in cultural sectors and among people, who followed her

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Thousands of Proposals for New Venezuelan Labor Law

Portrait of a boy with the flag of Venezuela painted on his face

Some 11,500 proposals were submitted to Venezuela´s Cabinet Commission to draft a new Labor Law or LOT (Ley Organica del Trabajo), said Wil Rangel, President of the Central Bolivariana Socialista de Trabajadores. Rangel said unionists, Legislators and representatives of private and public sectors will submit and discuss until April their initiatives in national assemblies to rescue the social benefits “smothered during the government of Rafael Caldera”.