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Mothers of the Disappeared March in Mexico

madresMothers searching for their missing children in Mexico march in this capital on Mother”s Day. The IV March of national dignity: mothers looking for their children, seeking justice and truth, will leave the Monument to the Mother bound the Angel of Independence, two emblematic points of the Federal District.

In a message released by the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico, the groups organizing the mobilization ensured that ‘amid widespread impunity and human rights violation, despite the discrimination that continues to affect the majority of women, enforced disappearance in Mexico has led to thousands of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to undertake tireless search for their loved ones’.

They claim that ‘transforming pain into strength and courage, they have protested in the streets, met with officials from all levels of government, have prompted new laws and, often, have carried out research work that the authorities They refuse to perform .’

In the manifestation also participate women from various Central American nations.


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