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Cuba reports at the close of this Saturday 81 new infections of Covid-19 and one deceased


For COVID-19, a total of 2,375 samples were taken for surveillance, with 81 being positive. The country has accumulated 14,079,511 samples taken and 1,109,992 positives. One deceased patient was reported on the day. We deeply regret what happened and convey our condolences to her family and friends. At the close of yesterday, August 20, a total of 554 patients have been admitted, 204 suspected and 350 confirmed active.

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Cuba reports 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges


At the close of this Saturday, August 13, Cuba reported 73 new cases of COVID-19, no deaths and 82 medical discharges, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported in its daily report this Saturday. At the close of yesterday, a total of 634 patients are admitted, 248 suspects and 386 confirmed active. For COVID-19, a total of 2,316 samples were taken for surveillance, of which 73 were positive. The country has accumulated 14,064,773 samples taken and 1,109,433 positive.50 were contacts of confirmed cases.

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Medical brigade that worked in Dominica returns to Cuba


The Cuban medical brigade that served in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the confrontation with Covid-19 will return to Cuba this Sunday, after six months of solidarity work in that neighboring country. The group made up of 35 health specialists from the internationalist Henry Reeve contingent treated 4,627 patients, saved 52 lives and carried out 23,997 nursing procedures.

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Latin American Dentistry Day: Working for a healthy smile


Every October 3, the Day of Latin American Dentistry is celebrated, in memory of the creation of the Latin American Dental Federation (FOLA), on October 3, 1917. In Cuba, Dr. Antonio Recasens Garrido, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, health practitioner and President of the Cuban Dental Society, named after the Library of the Faculty of Stomatology of Havana, was the main promoter of this idea and thus on October 3, 1929, he institutionalized this commemoration in our country.

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Díaz-Canel: By sharing responsibilities we can continue to move towards a more favorable situation

caneñ reunion 3 octubre

Almost at the close of a new week of confrontation with COVID-19 in the country, the epidemiological situation continues to be diverse and not without risks. Although only in four provinces – Havana, Ciego de Ávila, Mayabeque and Sancti Spíritus – the 62 cases reported in the day were concentrated , Cuba remains attentive to all scenarios, because the challenge continues to be to close roads to the disease as much as possible possible.

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Trump does not receive oxygen or has a fever due to COVID-19, assures his medical team


The President of the United States, Donald Trump , is not receiving oxygen “currently” or has a fever for 24 hours , said this Saturday the White House doctor, Sean Conley, who assured that the leader is “very well.” However, the AP agency reported, citing a source familiar with the president’s situation, that some of the president’s vital signs in the last 24 hours were “very worrying” and that the next 48 hours will be “critical” for his condition. These same sources indicated that Trump had to receive supplemental oxygen at the White House.

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Cuba and the United Kingdom promote projects and actions against COVID-19


The British embassy supports the Center for Neurosciences in its effort to optimize diagnoses and treatments that minimize brain damage caused by the new coronavirus. The Governments of Cuba and the United Kingdom promote projects and actions against COVID-19 on the island, according to a note released by the British embassy. According to the text, seven small-scale projects and actions are being carried out in Cuba with funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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China: Scientists Create World’s Fastest Machine for PCR Testing

China coronavirus

The world’s fastest machine for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests stands out this Thursday among the technological avenues in the service of health. It is the Flash 20, a high-precision device created in China with the ability to perform virological PCR tests that medical personnel worldwide have had to resort to due to the pandemic to confirm positive cases of coronavirus.

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Actions to contain contagions in Cuba

Diaz Canel Marrero

Five thousand two hundred and seventy people had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Cuba until last September 22, a day in which 48 new positive cases were reported , 29 of them in Havana and 11 corresponding to Ciego de Ávila, a province that continues showing a high spread of the disease throughout its territory.