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Trump does not receive oxygen or has a fever due to COVID-19, assures his medical team

equipo-medico-de-trump-580x326The President of the United States, Donald Trump , is not receiving oxygen “currently” or has a fever for 24 hours , said this Saturday the White House doctor, Sean Conley, who assured that the leader is “very well.” However, the AP agency reported, citing a source familiar with the president’s situation, that some of the president’s vital signs in the last 24 hours were “very worrying” and that the next 48 hours will be “critical” for his condition.

These same sources indicated that Trump had to receive supplemental oxygen at the White House on Friday. Dr. Conley’s statement even raised doubts as to whether Donald Trump was in the campaign carrying the coronavirus since he spoke of ” 72 hours ” since the president’s diagnosis, a time inconsistent with the public announcement of the positive for COVID-19 at one o’clock Friday morning, 35 hours before Dr. Conley’s press conference this Saturday.

According to CNN, Conley did not want to clarify whether the president had required oxygen since his admission to the hospital. Her oxygen saturation level is 96%, the doctor said at a news conference at Walter Reed military hospital near Washington, where Donald Trump was admitted on Friday. The doctor was accompanied by nine doctors and nurses during her appearance. Conley assured that the president has “a lot of work to do” and is doing it. The president even told the doctors that “I feel like I could get out of here today,” according to his personal physician. Trump is being treated in hospital with remdesivir, an antiviral drug, after taking another experimental drug at the White House.

Trump, 74, suffered a cough, mild congestion and fatigue, according to his doctor, but these symptoms “lessen and improve,” he added. “We monitor his heart, kidney and liver functions, and they are all normal. The president has not been on oxygen this morning, he has no difficulty breathing or walking inside the White House medical unit, “said the doctor. Asked why Donald Trump had been hospitalized, Dr. Conley replied: “because he is the president.” The White House said the president will be hospitalized for “a few days” and that he will continue with his presidential duties from the hospital.

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