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The Cuban Government urges President Obama to abide with his commitment to fight terrorism

Raúl Castro Ruz

Exactly 34 years ago, 73 innocent people were assassinated: 11 Guyanese, 5 citizens of the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea and 57 Cubans. They were killed in midair when a bomb exploded aboard a Cubana de Aviación passenger plane that had just taken off from Barbados. Among them were 24 young Cubans from the national youth fencing team who had just swept all the gold medals at the Fourth Central-American and Caribbean Championships held in Venezuela.

Under the Sign of Terror

Cuba's Reasons

Luis Posada Carriles is still at large in the United States where he’s only being accused of migratory transgressions. However, the detention last July 1st of one of his paid terrorists, Salvadoran Francisco Chávez Abarca, El Panzón, must be a source of concern to him because of what this man knows and what he has done. Wanted by INTERPOL, Chávez Abarca was trying to get into Venezuela. What for? asked President Hugo Chávez when he made his denunciation before the TV cameras in Venezuela.

Continuation of Terrorist Plans from the US

Cuba's Reasons

As news were published that Luis Posada Carriles and various extremist organizations based in the US intend to carry on their plans of violent and paramilitary actions against Cuba, international terrorist Francisco Antonio Chávez Abarca was arrested in Venezuela last July 1st. He is one of the main links of the Central American connection employed in violent actions against Cuba by the notorious criminal, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and some of its former members that currently make up the Council for the Liberation of Cuba (CLC).

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The bird and the prisoner

The bird and the prisoner

Translation: Machetera En Español Once upon a time, a bird made friends with a prisoner.  Both were incarcerated in the United States and both were unjustly imprisoned for defending Cuba from terrorist activity. This is how the story began.  On June 4, 2009, the same day as his birthday, Gerardo Hernández heard about this creature. 

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: A Very Important Liar

This is the fifteenth part in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: Luis Posada Carriles is a real VIP enjoying unique courtesies and privileges not offered to other dignitaries and celebrities. But he is also a self-confessed and duly certified international terrorist. Posada began his long carrier with the early actions against the Cuban Revolution, including the Bay of Pigs fiasco and several years as the CIA man in Venezuelan political police where he became a leader of some conspicuous torturers.

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: Which Side Are You On?

This is the fourteenth part in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: FBI officials received a huge amount of concrete, detailed information about anti-Cuban terrorist groups, including their exact locations, with addresses and phone numbers, photographs and tape recordings describing sinister plans in their own voices and many other data. At no time did they protest or express concern regarding Cuba’s ability or methods used to obtain such precise evidence.

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: History Repeats Itself

This is the thirteenth part in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: Just a couple of days after the Clinton White House encounter with García Márquez, US diplomats in Havana approached Cuban authorities. We had a number of discussions specially focused on what the US had found about terrorist plots against civilian aircrafts and the warning that the FAA felt obliged to issue. In the course of those exchanges the US asked formally for a high level FBI delegation to come to Havana with a view toward receiving from their counterparts our intelligence concerning the ongoing terrorist campaign.

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: Cherry Blossoms

This is the part twelfth in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: Attracting foreign tourism was at that time – mid and late nineties – one of the few possibilities to earn much needed hard currency. Knowing that, Washington reinforced its sanctions and threats against foreign companies investing in Cuba or having any transaction with the island. Coincidentally the so-called Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) and other anti-Cuba terrorist groups openly declared such visitors “enemies” and justified violent attacks against them.

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: Mission Impossible

This is the eleventh part in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: When the Supreme Court decided not to hear the Cuban Five petition, the Justices acted exactly as requested by President Obama’s Solicitor General, showing that on this issue, there has been no change, certainly not a change we can believe in. The Supreme Court last June 14 simply joined the other two branches of Government in demonstrating their hostility towards the Cuban people.

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: An Insult to Humanity

This is the tenth part in Ricardo Alarcón’s series on the Cuban Five: On March 6, 2009 twelve separate amicus briefs were presented in support of the Cuban Five’s petition for certiorari before the Supreme Court, the largest number of amicus filings ever to have urged Supreme Court to review a criminal conviction. Eight briefs were submitted by institutions or persons based on the United States.