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Novel molecule shows promising results against COVID-19

cuba estudio covid

Committed to the battle against COVID-19 from the outset of the pandemic, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) made available to the national health system not only its capacity to produce Recombinant Alpha 2b Human Interferon, but also analyzed, and submitted for the consideration of Cuban medical specialists, research linked to the development of new molecules.

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Playing every day is fundamental


The mandatory closure of theaters and recreational venues as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency, has led artists in all corners of the planet to find other stages where they can share their art, not only as encouragement to rise above the sadness that prevails these days, but also to keep their work alive. In this way, Multi-award winning Cuban violinist William Roblejo has used so-called “challenges”

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Fidel versus COVID-19 and beyond

Fidel covid

The fact that Cuba’s response to the COVID-19 has been far more effective than most countries in the region, including the United States and also several European nations, is a reality that is becoming evident. A health system based on prevention, with a presence in all communities of medical offices, organized by neighborhood and linked to polyclinics, as well as general and specialized hospitals.

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National solutions equal more quality of life and technological sovereignty

cuba computacion desarrollo

The computerization of society has special relevance to Cuba’s economic and social progress, with the potential to increase the population’s quality of life. Thus the country’s highest leadership is constantly reviewing progress in this arena, especially the development of e-commerce and e-government, to promote the use of information and communication technologies in daily life.

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Itolizumab monoclonal antibody in the COVID-19 battle

interferon cuba

In 2014 the novel medication won a National Award from the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) in the Biomedical Sciences arena, and since April, this year, the humanized monoclonal antibody, Itolizumab, has been included in the country’s COVID-19 treatment protocol. To learn first-hand about the characteristics and indications of this drug, created at the Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM), and winner of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Gold Medal in 2015.

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donacion sangre

Neide, at 47 years of age, had never donated blood before, not even thought about it, but it would have been hard to imagine the circumstances under which she actually did. Yes, the circumstances, because today’s circumstances accentuate everything that is human and good in a gesture like this. The circumstances, the COVID pandemic, made her donation exceptionally valuable.

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Efforts in Cuba that also “save”

Nasobucos regalados

Gestures of love and solidarity have always spontaneously occurred during hard times in Cuba – gestures by a people that knows how to rise to the task in the face of difficulties.
Recalling recovery periods following hurricanes produces hundreds of anecdotes, which reflect the essence of this island, where brotherhood among the people is cultivated, the sense of all belonging to the big house, and the virtue that “good is done, just because,” as Martí taught us.

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Epidemic could peak in Cuba next week


Raúl Guinovart Díaz, dean of the University of Havana’s Mathematics Department, states, “The forecast now indicates that approximately next week we will reach the peak, ahead of the international average. This is a reserved prognosis that will depend on the evolution of the disease over the next few days.” Any relaxing of social distancing measures could, however, reverse the current pattern, he noted, saying “The epidemic is vulnerable to the actions we take, but this depends on social behavior and government measures

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Another COVID-19 medication under development in Cuba

Med sol laboratorios

MedSol Laboratories is working to develop the antiretroviral medication Kaletra, a drug that has shown its effectiveness worldwide in combating COVID-19. According to Adalberto Izquierdo Castro, head of Research and Development at MedSol’s production unit (UEB) Novatec, the drug is in the development stage, with three pilot batches produced and physical-chemical analyses conducted. Izquierdo told ACN that the next step would be to compare the Cuban product with the lead product.

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Battle against COVID-19, a priority for the Cuban government

Canel dovid abril

President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz lead daily meetings in Revolution Hall, to review in detail the COVID-19 situation on the island. Speaking at a recent meeting, the President referred to medical discharges of recovered patients, saying, “These are lives that have been saved.” “I believe,” he said, “that this call the population itself is making, is one we must all support.”