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Medical services enterprise provides global access to Cuban healthcare and academic training

medical interpris

The Cuban state enterprise Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A., has a wide-ranging portfolio of services and products including medical assistance services; academic training and classes for healthcare professionals; wellbeing and quality of life programs; and organization of thematic events.

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Cuba and the United States to combat disease together

CUba fumiga zika

Cuban and U.S. health authorities signed an unprecedented memorandum of understanding earlier this week to cooperate in combating diseases affecting the two neighboring countries and exchange experiences.

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Cuba eliminates acute hepatitis B in children

Niños cuba

As a result of a universal vaccination program, no cases of acute hepatitis B in children under five years of age have been reported in Cuba since 1999, and none in those under 15 since 2006, according to Gustavo Sierra González, scientific policy director for the state enterprise group BioCubaFarma.

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Cuba will never be a drug trafficking route

cuba no trafico de drogas

Cuba has been effective in preventing drug traffickers from operating within the country or using its territory as a transport route.
Cuba will never be used as a route for the transportation of illicit drugs, and much less will drug traffickers be able to establish themselves here, said Colonel Juan Carlos Poey, head of anti-drug efforts at the Ministry of the Interior (Minint).

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Clinical trials of promising Cuban monoclonal antibody expanded

IMmunologia molecular

Registered in Cuba to treat head, neck, brain (in children and adults), esophageal and more recently, pancreatic tumors, with encouraging life-extending results, the humanized monoclonal antibody nimotuzumab is currently subject to 27 clinical trials to ensure its safety and effectiveness in the treatment of a further 11 types of cancer

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Message on World Health day by the Secretary General ONU


Diabetes is an ancient disease that is taking a growing toll on the modern world. In 1980, 108 million adults were living with diabetes. By 2014, that number had risen to 422 million – 8.5 per cent of adults — reflecting a global increase in risk factors such as being overweight or obese.

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Preparations to celebrate World Health Day in Cuba

herebr pro Cuba

UNDER the slogan: “Stay Super, Beat Diabetes”, Cuba is preparing to celebrate World Health Day on April 7, with activities to spread awareness and prevent chronic non-communicable diseases, specifically diabetes mellitus.