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Almost 10 million learn to read and write with Yo sí puedo


Cuba is helping people around the world to learn to read and write through the Yo sí puedo (Yes, I can) literacy method, with 9.8 million having benefited to date, reported Ena Elsa Velázquez, Cuban minister of Education, September 8, at the UNESCO headquarters in this city.

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The celebration begins!

curso escolar

The smell of hot coffee is the first among many sensations she notes on this special day. The child faintly hears her parents moving about, opens her eyes and surprises her mother tiptoeing in to give her a kiss on the forehead. In the background she sees her “birthday” dress laid out, neatly ironed the night before. All at once, she’s on her feet. A hurricane of surprises awaits her, little does she know. Or perhaps she does.

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Toward improving Cuban universities

universitarios reunión

Senior representatives of the Federation of University Students (FEU) and ministers of Higher Education and Public Health discussed transformations underway to university education, as well as pending initiatives, in a meeting of the organization’s National Council, held August 28.

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Cuban government sends condolences following attack in France


The agenda for the Association of Cuban Pedagogues (APC) for next year is likely to be a very busy one, given the significant number of both national and international events in the field, organized by members and educators from other parts of the world.

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Over 500 Engineers to Graduate from Cuban Computer Science University Next Week


With the tenth graduation of the University of Computer Sciences scheduled for next week on Tuesday, the Havana higher learning institution would have turned out more than 14 000 computer engineers since its establishment by Fidel Castro tin 2002.

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Forging social commitment

foto Camaguey

Motivated by their impact on the comprehensive training of future professionals, an increasing number of students from the Ignacio Agramonte Loy­naz University of Camagüey are directly participating in important economic and social initiatives in the area.

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Secondary education a priority for 2016-2017

niños escuela secundaria

English remains a priority for the next academic year, according to Dr. Zoe La Red Iturria, national director of Secondary Education, speaking at a press conference.

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Cuban education: A Revolutionary achievement

niños escuelas

1959 marked a watershed in Cuban history. Tyranny had left an unsavory legacy across all spheres of society including education: of a population of five and a half million, 23.6% people over the age of 15 were illiterate.

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May Day: Teachers leading the way

primero de mayo foto

Over 40,000 teachers and students from pedagogical schools, accompanied by their families, will lead the May Day march to Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, according to Ismael Drullet Pérez, secretary general of the National Union of Education, Science and Sports Workers, speaking to Granma International,who commented on the achievements which have seen the sector awarded the honor of leading the mass procession.

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Fidel visits school: Photo gallery

Fidel con niños

On April 6, Fidel visited the Vilma Espín Educational Center in the Havana municipality of Playa, where he participated in a tribute to the revolutionary heroine for which the school is named, and interacted enthusiastically with children and staff.