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Forging social commitment

foto CamagueyMotivated by their impact on the comprehensive training of future professionals, an increasing number of students from the Ignacio Agramonte Loy­naz University of Camagüey are directly participating in important economic and social initiatives in the area.

Santiago Lajes Choy, rector of the institution, explained that it is not only communities and entities that benefit from these vital efforts, but also the students themselves, arguably those most attuned to society’s needs and problems.

An example of this are the almost 200 members of the Leonela Relys Díaz, contingent, who teach in high schools and pre-university institutions in the provincial capital, to cover the deficit of teachers on both levels.
Ramón Fernández Esquivel has had a positive experience working with young people at the Victoria de Girón high school, getting to know their concerns, ambitions, needs, while supporting them in their learning.

“We don’t have all the teaching skills, but we are fully committed to these kids. There were times when I even sacrificed my own studies, I felt the need to contribute to solving the problem,” stated the University student and Modern History teacher.

Also participating in these efforts are future veterinarians, who have helped train staff across the province’s 170 milk storage facilities, and teach students at the Mártires de Pino Tres Agricultural Polytechnic Institute.
Fourth year veterinary student, Daimarelis del Risco Betancourt believes that farming enterprises could benefit even more from students knowledge in order to improve efficiency in areas such as livestock breeding, and reducing vaccine-related deaths.

Such collaboration has had a positive impact at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center, while encouraging outcomes of the students’ growing participation have been noted in community socio-cultural projects, and the results of entities’ national audits.


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