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The celebration begins!

curso escolarThe smell of hot coffee is the first among many sensations she notes on this special day. The child faintly hears her parents moving about, opens her eyes and surprises her mother tiptoeing in to give her a kiss on the forehead. In the background she sees her “birthday” dress laid out, neatly ironed the night before.

All at once, she’s on her feet. A hurricane of surprises awaits her, little does she know. Or perhaps she does.

Cheerfully, enthusiastically, the honoree is received at the door of her “home,” carefully prepared over the last few days, cleaned and polished for the “guests.” The “friends” arrive, as they do every September, many well known, others new to the party.

Some conditions are implicit in this celebration. She must wear the right clothes for the occasion: her school uniform, and carry a backpack with the “gifts,” and in her mind, an even greater concern: the keen desire to learn. A good “friend” indeed, like those who will lend her books, and later talk about the truths and promises discovered, about the future, those who are proud of the foundation they are laying and creating, of the lights beginning to shine in their hearts.

The host – to say it plainly – is the first day of school. The streets are flooded with color, as teachers, families and students make their way, happy all, knowing that from now on they will not be alone, but rather full of new horizons, characters and illustrations, a student’s tasks…

Today is a celebration for all. The time to study has arrived!


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