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My photographer is brave

lady-768x576 enBy: Andy Jorge Blanco (Special envoys of Cubadebate)

Now I allow myself to publish this photo. Lady (Irene Pérez) is also pretty. Lady brings them. I have seen her in these hard and sad days almost sink into her foam, looking for the exact angle. I have seen her “test strength” to get on a water pipe and approach the area of ​​the fire at the Matanzas super tanker base.

I have seen Lady get excited with her faces, looking with the heart that she has. I’ve seen her get excited too when she found out we were going to fly over the fire. Climb into the helicopter, strap on the edge of the hatch, and document the disaster. And put up with her eyes burning from the smoke, there, next to the firefighters.

I’ve seen her other times in other “hot” ones, and Lady doesn’t waver, her hand doesn’t shake. I feel a little more at peace, I feel more security in such tough coverage if I have Lady by my side.

I know that she likes to go unnoticed, but you see her photos and you are convinced that it is impossible. Lady cannot go unnoticed. And for those reasons I am writing this, for those and because since Lady arrived in Matanzas I felt that we supported each other, that we were a team.

I confess one thing, working with Lady is a headache. Yes indeed. Because one feels that each text has to live up to her photos. I with her always. The team returns to Havana, but we still have stories to tell.

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