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Alice Walker says about Cuba

AliceWalkerAfter reading the book: “The Economic War Against Cuba” by Salim Lamrani, the writer Alice Walker says:
“No revolution has meant more to me than Cuba’s; I am among millions around the world who, either raised in poverty or understanding of it’s causes, have pledged allegiance to a way of living that does not sadistically and greedily crush the poor. Over four visits and as many decades I have witnessed the destructive harm the US embargo has done to some of the finest people on earth. It has been heart shattering. And yet, the heart rebuilds itself by the activity of continued admiration,respect and love.

I have not read Lamrani’s book but over many years I have read his Cuba dispatches. I have marveled at his dedication to exposing the endless lies about Cuba and its revolution, and have been thankful to see someone of such courage and skills ever standing for what is true.
I consider Cuba’s a teaching revolution. Just as, in the Sixties, Cuban youth took to the hills and valleys of their country to teach every single person who desired it, how to read, we who are facing a world crisis unparalleled in the history of humans – as far as most of us know – must seek to learn all we can about how to survive as human under the brutal dictatorship of banks, military and economic violence, and greed. This book is probably a very wise start.”

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