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“In Cuba, books travel throughout the country”

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The 27th International Book Fair has toured the entire Cuban territory. After concluding his Havana chapter last February, the texts traveled throughout the country, with the Fair finally ending on May 13 in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

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A country full of books

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Cuba is set to become a huge literary hub once again. There are just a few days to go before the inauguration of Havana’s annual International Book Fair (FILH) – which begins on Thursday, February 11, and runs through February 21– one of the most popular events on the island.

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Alice Walker says about Cuba


After reading the book: “The Economic War Against Cuba” by Salim Lamrani, the writer Alice Walker says:
“No revolution has meant more to me than Cuba’s; I am among millions around the world who, either raised in poverty or understanding of it’s causes, have pledged allegiance to a way of living that does not sadistically and greedily crush the poor.

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Cuban universities to promote reading projects

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Members of a project called “Leer Todos”, (Everyone Reads), of the University of Cienfuegos will make up a network of university this school year to promote reading aimed at looking to for ways to increase the healthy and educational habit. Luis Orestes Oliva, Head of the Spanish-Literature Department told AIN News Agency that as part of the experiences of the last three years, conditions will be ready to extend the project to the rest of the country.