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Editorial Health Fair will present more than 30 works of Medical Sciences

feria-editorial-580x318More than 30 works of the scientific production of Medical Sciences and other renowned publishers will be presented at the Editorial Health Fair, inaugurated at the Convention Center of Havana as part of the collateral activities that take place in the IV Cuba Health International Convention 2022.

The event will bring together the most innovative scientific and health literature that is developed in Cuba, as well as updated research by prestigious authors, both national and foreign.

In the opening remarks of the exhibition event, Dr. Jorge González Pérez, general director of Medical Teaching of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), maintained that it is of vital importance that health professionals have the necessary tools to face the current world reality, in order to reaffirm the need to improve the health of the population as a determinant of social development.

“Information and knowledge management, the efficient use of information technologies and resources, constitute key elements, and cannot be seen in isolation, but rather as part of this process of evaluating and renewing strategies for organization and policies on health issues,” he said.

Dr. Jorge González Pérez, general director of Medical Teaching of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), argued that it is vitally important that health professionals have the necessary tools for their training. Photo: Cubadebate.

The Cuba-Health 2022 International Convention has, as its main purposes, to promote reflection and exchange about the current and future challenges of health at a global level, emphasizing the actions of the countries in the face of the needs that the world faces today, in aspects such as the safety and quality of medical care, emerging and re-emerging diseases, efficient and sustainable health systems, international cooperation in health, which includes medical education, as well as evaluating access and universal health coverage, Gonzalez Perez said.

He said that several scientific publishers, companies, societies and institutions linked to health participate in the Editorial Fair, which will have the opportunity to exhibit their scientific production, information resources or products that they represent, in the field of medicine and health sciences. general health.

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