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Cuba welcomes the development of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of China


The first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, alluded today to the celebration of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of China and conveyed the best wishes for success during the conclave.

From his official profile on Twitter, the president assured that the results of that meeting, considered a key event in facing current challenges and designing strategic plans for the next five years in the Asian nation, “will be a new encouragement for progressive forces worldwide.”

On the occasion of the celebration of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of China (PCCh), the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba sent a congratulatory message to the Chinese communists in which it highlights the political significance of this important event.

“We are pleased to see the proven ability and wisdom of the Chinese communist vanguard to lead its people in safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and unity, in building socialism, in the economic development of the country and in the consolidation of China as a factor of stability and balance at the global level”, highlights the text.

The message also refers to the successes achieved by the Communist Party of China, based on the application of Marxism and the important theoretical and practical contributions to the construction of socialism, which has made possible the internal construction of the Party, the fight against corruption, the eradication of extreme poverty, among other social, economic and political achievements that make China “a global leader in innovation, always defending the legitimate right to development of the countries of the South, multilateralism, the principles of International Law and the role of the United Nations”.

Likewise, the letter assures that interpartisan relations will continue to be a pillar and an essential component of the ties between Cuba and China.

He appreciates the invariable support of the Chinese Communist Party for Cuba’s fight against the blockade and ratifies the unalterable position of the Greater Antilles, of adherence to the One China principle.

“Receive our best wishes for success in the celebration of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of China, convinced that its results will represent a new stimulus for all progressive forces worldwide,” the message concludes.

(With information from the PCC website and Twitter of the Presidency)

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