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Cuban media denounce new violent acts financed from the United States

embajada-de-estados-unidos-Cuba-580x321What would happen if any country in the world paid money to provoke terrorist acts and sabotage in the United States? Their spokesmen would come out immediately to impose their democracy by cannon. But in the case of Cuba, their actions are very different.

Those who pay to unleash violence and chaos in Cuba act with total impunity from US soil. They allocate considerable funds to finance terrorist acts within Cuban society, without any foreign authority ruling on the matter.

Small anti-Cuban groups seek to recruit people in Cuba to carry out terrorist acts in national territory, financed from the United States. On this occasion, we reveal a counterrevolutionary articulation that establishes links between the New Cuban Nation in Arms (NNCA) and the “influencer” Manuel Milanés.

The NNCA has been discussed on other occasions on television. Its main leaders are Willy González and Kiki Naranjo, both residents of the United States. They incite a war in Cuban territory, for which they gather weapons and train paramilitaries in northern territory.

In this context, Amijail Sánchez González emerges, with the false profile of Alfredo González, who recruits from social networks those who will commit sabotage actions in Cuba. On the other hand, Manuel Milanés Pizonerose is classified as an influencer on social networks. He spreads false news and distorts the Cuban reality. He promotes the counterrevolutionary organization Cuba Primero and in recent months has been closely linked to the violent and terrorist wing of the Cuban community in the US He resides in Miami, Florida, since 2017.

In response to these guidelines, García Ríos launched Molotov cocktails against the archives of the Municipal Court of Central Havana and the Provincial Directorate of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution. Enemy propaganda? Sabotage actions? Acts of terrorism? Constitutionally established, according to the legal procedures in force in the country, with all the regulated guarantees, and on behalf of the people of Cuba, the courts will deliver justice at the appropriate time.

This anti-Cuban joint does not skimp on financing for actions that destroy the constitutional order in Cuba and threaten the lives of the island’s inhabitants.

(Taken from Reasons of Cuba)

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