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Siege of Cristina Fernández receives political and popular response in Argentina

Cristina-Manifestacion-Casa-BsAs-ag27-22After the Buenos Aires authorities placed fences on Saturday to block the way to the residence of Vice President Cristina Fernández, the protesters tore them down and there were clashes with the police, who used tear gas and rubber bullets. President Alberto Fernández warned on Twitter that it is imperative that “the harassment” against the vice president cease.

In a desperate attempt to besiege Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the governor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, ordered fences to be put up in front of the vice president’s home and ordered a security operation with infantry guard included to dissuade the militancy to approach.

“But the shot backfired and the thousands of people who were going to gather in Parque Lezama from 3:00 p.m. and in other places went to Recoleta to express their support for CFK,” published the newspaper Pagina 12 .

According to the reports of that and other media, upon learning of the installation of the billboards, many chose to suspend the planned protests in different parts of the city to spontaneously join the shows of support for the president who for at least four days take place in the vicinity of your residence.

“When it was 15 minutes to five in the afternoon, a little hell broke loose. The contingents of people continued to arrive at Plaza Vicente López, many from the suburbs and the interior, but the infantry also did the same, pressing from behind. At one point, a group of protesters began to kick the fences and when some managed to get through, the three rows of police officers and the watering truck behind them began to repress.

“In the first line of fire were many leaders who, in the midst of the chaos, managed to enter through the space that had been opened between the fences, thus enabling them to finish running and the huge crowd was able to cross the border and approach to the vice president’s house.

“The city police also fired tear gas and a few noises from rubber bullets were heard,” reported Page 12.

“I express my strongest rejection of the institutional violence unleashed by the City Government in the face of a massive demonstration of citizens expressing themselves freely and in democracy,” President Alberto Fernández said through his social networks, denouncing that the police operation generated “a climate of insecurity and intimidation.”

The president affirmed that it is imperative “that the harassment cease” against the vice president and guarantee the freedom of expression and demonstration of citizens.

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, described this Sunday as a “blunder” the repression of the City Police on the protesters in front of the vice president’s home and denounced that with this the macristas demonstrate that “the violent are they”.

“What happened yesterday was a provocation, at no time did they want to take care of the vice president,” the governor told a radio station in Buenos Aires.

Also this Sunday, the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, warned that “they are not going to charge” Vice President Cristina Fernández and “they are not going to erase Peronism.”

He affirmed that the only place where there was repression during the demonstrations in support of the former president was in the city of Buenos Aires, where the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta mounted a provocation with the erection of the billboards.

In dialogue with FM Futurock, Katopodis maintained that there are sectors of the Judiciary and the opposition that “want a country without Peronism” because “they do not tolerate an economy that continues to grow.”

After pointing out that “we came from very calm, very happy, very peaceful mobilizations”, Katopodis affirmed that the head of the Buenos Aires Government “put his internal before” and sought to “please” former President Mauricio Macri and his electorate, for which “he overreacted and armed this repressive operation”.

“They generate these moments that are so violent and absolutely unnecessary,” the official denounced. “They underestimated us, they thought that if they killed Cristina, Peronism would last them 15 minutes,” he said during the interview.

“Not only are they not going to remove Cristina, but they are not going to erase Peronism. We are going to continue representing and exercising the role that our militancy and the people have entrusted to us”, he added, and regarding the opposition, he pointed out that “they want to rewrite history and erase Peronism, it is always the same intolerance”.

A video from this Saturday went viral in which it can be seen how the deputy the national deputy and son of Cristina, Máximo Kirchner, is attacked and prevented from going to the residence of the vice president.

The images show the moment when, accompanied by a group of people, the leader of the Frente de Todos tries to pass through a group of troops to reach his mother’s house, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, but they prevent him from doing so. step and hit him, while insults are also heard in the background.

“Do you want to come in, Maximo? The c … of your mother you are going to pass ”, someone who is among the police can be heard saying, but his face is not seen in the videos, published Page 12.
Before tens of thousands of demonstrators outside her house, the Argentine vice president stated late at night: “I want to tell you that even if I live 1,000 years, I will never be able to thank you for the love, solidarity and loyalty of all of you. Believe me, at this point in my life, there is nothing more important than that.”

She pointed out that “since the day the judicial party requested a 12-year sentence for each year of the best 12 years that the Argentine people had, demonstrations have taken place throughout the country. However, the only place where there were scenes of violence was here, in CABA and at the door of my house.”

“Then they say that we are the violent ones,” she said, and she recalled the episodes of violence at the door of her house when she left the presidency in 2015 or in the demonstrations against the current national government, with body bags, guillotines and gallows.

“The degree of cynicism and perversion of not taking charge of what they want is incredible: to exterminate Peronism,” she added, and accused the opposition of “competing for who is the toughest.”

“Let’s not repeat experiences that we all later regret, there has already been too much blood in Argentina,” she warned, and thanked the militancy for being present since noon and sent them to “rest.”

“I feel that they are all a bit of my children, I love them with all my heart,” she said.

“I only ask that we never abandon our convictions, especially that indestructible love of country,” she concluded.

(With information from Page 12 and agencies)

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