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Coup in Bolivia, a brief review of events


On November 12, Deputy Jeanine Añez proclaimed herself President during a Congressional meeting without the required quorum, since violent groups prevented Senators and Deputies from the Movement To Socialism (MAS) from reaching the site.Since then, campesinos, indigenous peoples, and popular sectors have blocked 83 roads in seven of the country’s nine departments, close to at least five cities, which are facing shortages of food and fuel.

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Youth and Students for Peace and Solidarity of Peoples hold congress in Caracas


With a massive march demonstrating the unity shared by university students and future officers of the armed forces in the fight for peace, young Venezuelans celebrated University Student Day in Caracas, coinciding with the International Congress of Youth and Students for Peace and Solidarity of Peoples, with more than 1,000 delegates from student federations around the world in attendance.