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Youth and Students for Peace and Solidarity of Peoples hold congress in Caracas

VenezuelaWith a massive march demonstrating the unity shared by university students and future officers of the armed forces in the fight for peace, young Venezuelans celebrated University Student Day in Caracas, coinciding with the International Congress of Youth and Students for Peace and Solidarity of Peoples, with more than 1,000 delegates from student federations around the world in attendance.

A Cuban delegation participated in the Congress and march, raising their voices for socialism, denouncing events in Bolivia and Chile, and strongly condemning neoliberalism. “A Yes for unity, equality, friendship, and freedom among the peoples of America” was the maxim of the delegation in the Congress, where agreements reached at the 25th meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum were discussed. Emphasized in particular was the role of younger generations in building unity of the peoples, formulating proposals, and taking initiative to ensure the peoples’ well-being.

The event’s program included panels and lectures on the role of young people in the construction of socialism; the impact of neoliberalism on our people; and the need to articulate communication strategies to confront media campaigns against progressive processes in Latin America.President Nicolás Maduro is scheduled to address the gathering.

Yesterday, during the march, the Venezuelan president highlighted the commitment of students to the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution’s conquests in education, stating, “We must build a better homeland, to fight against imperialism and for socialism.” he urged youth to make a commitment to the construction of free, quality public education, and to carry forward the legacy of the Bolivarian Revolution to victory.

During the mobilization, participants defended peace and expressed their support for the achievements of Venezuela’s revolutionary process, repudiated the coup in Bolivia, and emphasized their solidarity with the peoples of Palestine and Chile, who are fighting dictatorships sponsored and financed by the U.S. government – causes which were addressed during the Congress, where efforts were focused on coordinating strategies and actions to advocate for the needs of youth across Latin America, and those of the Greater Homeland.


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