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President of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources evaluates investments in the aqueduct in Villa Clara

planta-potabilizadora-universidad-580x363 (1)Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, president of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH), toured the works being carried out in Santa Clara to ensure water service to the population and its quality.

At the water treatment plant of the Central University Marta Abreu de Las Villas (UCLV), he confirmed that intense work is being done on her rehabilitation and improvement in the driver, to leave her ready before the restart of the school year, on September 5.

The head of the branch also appreciated the construction progress in the Cerro Calvo water treatment plant, where the water from the Agabama-Gramal system is stored and treated, which provides the vital liquid to the hospital area.

Likewise, he verified the sealing work of Colón Street and the intervened area in the Central Highway (Banda a Placetas) and Circunvalación Vieja, which were pending after the change of networks in poor condition. The conditioning of both roads will allow vehicular circulation to resume.

During his visit to Santa Clara, the INRH president visited the Cerro Calvo Water Treatment Plant, undergoing maintenance actions to deliver water to Santa Clara with higher quality. Photo: Idalia Vázquez Zerquera/Vanguard.

In statements to Vanguardia, the president of INRH commented that the visit is part of the tours that he carries out throughout the country, in order to learn about the actions that the sector undertakes in times of energy contingency, for which generator sets located in the most needy places, with the purpose of maintaining the water service to the population.

He pointed out that as part of the differentiated attention to Santa Clara, the fulfillment of the commitments contracted with the authorities of the province and the town was evaluated, and he referred to the priority that Manicaragua receives, because even when in that municipality shares in the aqueduct, its inhabitants still do not receive the expected benefits.

He said that this is a pending task that will be followed up in September, to decide the date of his intervention, in order to guarantee the service and that it lasts over time.

Prior to the tour, the INRH president held an exchange at the Provincial Government headquarters in Santa Clara, where other issues related to the need to ensure water in the sugar companies that will intervene in the next harvest were also discussed, to avoid interruptions due to this reason during the conflict, in times of energy contingency.

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