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Díaz-Canel visits the Máximo Gómez Thermoelectric Power Plant, in Mariel

Díaz-Canel-580x440According to the twitter of the Presidencia Cuba, Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel made a tour of the Máximo Gómez Thermoelectric Power Plant in Mariel this Saturday morning.

Unit 8 of it, which went out of service last night, is already in the start-up process and should be online at noon this Saturday, with 85 MW.

In addition, work is being done to recover unit 6, damaged by a fire last March.

During the tour, Díaz-Canel updated on the strategy outlined in the country for the recovery of the electrical system. In this sense, he indicated that parts and components are entering the country to recover generation.

The head of state highlighted as objectives of the plan, minimizing blackouts before the end of the year, developing investments and maintenance in 2023 to achieve stability, and changing the country’s energy matrix.

In this way, he added, before the end of December, some 280 megawatts (MW) must be incorporated into thermal generation; and between 180 and 190 MW in distributed generation; in addition to 450 MW from new investments.

He refers to information from the Presidency that financing has also been given for investments in new technologies and new measures aimed at high consumers have been approved.

“We have complex days left, but we are going to recover. There are many people working at the foot of the canyon to get out of this difficult situation,” said the president.

He reiterated that updated information is systematically offered by the media on the situation of the national electricity system, which has generated the annoying blackouts.

Such a scenario, he maintained, is not related to enemy activity, nor negligence of the workers in the sector, and it does have to do, and the matrixes against the Revolution are trying to erase it, with the effects that the blockade has caused for years. .

This policy, he added, left the country without possible financing for the maintenance, repair and new investments it needed in the Electroenergetic system, hence the accumulated technological deterioration that cannot be resolved in a short time.

He recalled that in mid-June, a special information program revealed the strategy that had been proposed at that time to avoid blackouts in the summer months, which allowed the recovery of unit 8 of the CTE Máximo Gómez and a block in the CTE Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, from Cienfuegos.

However, effects in Felton and the instability of the CTE Antonio Guiteras, in Matanzas, the most important in the country, had a negative impact on the strategy and power generation.

Given these adversities, Díaz-Canel explained, the strategy was updated, which has three fundamental objectives: to minimize blackouts in the shortest possible time (before the end of the year), to develop investments and maintenance in 2023 that strengthen the system, as well as to change the energy matrix of the country.

It is expected, before December, to incorporate more than 270 MW in thermal generation, he highlighted.

The Máximo Gómez CTE has a total generation of 282 MW, between four units, motors and mobile generation.

In addition, it is estimated that some 40 MW will be incorporated (it will be 80 MW) after the maintenance of block 5 and the execution of investments for distributed generation with new technologies, which represents a great contribution to the country.

Díaz-Canel arrives at CTE Ernesto Guevara, from Santa Cruz del Norte
The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, also visited this Saturday the Ernesto Guevara Thermoelectric Power Plant, located in Santa Cruz del Norte, in the western province of Mayabeque.

Through his Twitter account, the Presidency announced that this plant maintains its three units in service and is one of the most stable in the country.


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