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Putting heart into the homeland, the Revolution and socialism

canel acto piraguaThousands of Cubans took to the streets Saturday to defend our right to peace and sovereignty, to say no to the blockade, interference and hatred.
In all of the country’s provinces the people came out in defense of their Revolution and in support of our revolutionary project being constructed for the good of all.
- In Havana, alongside the people, was Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution; the Party First Secretary and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez; as well as other members of the Party Political Bureau, Secretariat and Central Committee; the Council of Ministers, and leaders of the Young Communist League and mass organizations.

- Long live free Cuba! Free from foreign interference and free from the hatred incited by those who for 60 years have attempted to asphyxiate the nation and provoke a social explosion, and now presenting themselves as our saviors,” Díaz-Canel stated, during the massive event on the city’s waterfront, insisting, “Cuba is totally allergic to hate and will never be a land of hate!”
- He noted that, over the weeks prior to the disturbances, an intense political-communication operation was mounted by articulated platform of media poison, financed by the U.S. government and by the state of Florida’s political machinery. Its objective was to encourage unrest and instability in the country, taking advantage of the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, the tightened blockade and the Trump administration’s 243 additional measures.
- “We are under fire from sophisticated cyberwarfare that includes cyber-terrorism and media terrorism in its aggressive toolkit,” he said.
- “It is not uncommon that, under such a media barrage, some doubt and make statements assuming division that does not exist,” he added. “I do not judge, I do not condemn. I understand that the adversary’s weapons are overwhelming, but on the side of the people, with the people and for the people, the Revolution continues to stand!
-Let us put our hearts into our common work. A heart as big as of our difficulties! Together we can!” he exclaimed.

(Taken fron Granma)

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