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US media address US interference in Cuban affairs

Biden-CubaUS media on Friday addressed interventionist statements by President Joe Biden and other US officials in Cuba’s internal affairs of Cuba.

The Politico newspaper noted that Biden said he considers ‘many possibilities to help Cuban citizens, while trying to find out what actions the Cuban Government would not take advantage of’.

Among the actions in process, the president noted that he is weighing sending vaccines to Cuba to ‘help’ fight the increase in cases of Covid-19, and ignored the effects of the blockade on Cuba’s efforts to advance with ‘Abdala’ and four vaccine candidates.

He pointed out that he would not send remittances to the country at this time because it is ‘very likely that the regime will confiscate them, or large parts of them’, something that contrasts with his electoral promises.

The digital newspaper also referred to statements, according to which the White House is studying whether the United States has the ‘technological capacity’ to restore Internet access in Cuba, which in light of international law would be interference in the domestic affairs of another country.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel said recently that Cuba has the sovereign right to defend itself from media attacks promoted and financed from the United States.

Biden made the remarks after Florida Governor Ron Desantis sent him a letter, urging the federal government to take actions to restore Internet from the United States.

On Tuesday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez accused Washington of inciting riots through a Twitter campaign with the #SOSCuba hashtag.

In 2010, the United States launched a social media network in Cuba that used text messages, known as ZunZuneo, with the aim of introducing political content to form ‘smart mobs’ that would demonstrate against the government, the site noted. ZunZuneo was funded by the US Agency for International Development.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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