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Analysts criticize Biden’s policy towards Cuba


U.S. President Joe Biden is now playing the humanitarian card to foment political unrest in Cuba, according to a report published today by the website Written by Ramona Wadi, journalist and independent researcher, the report deals with the latest events in Cuba, Washington’s involvement and the aggression faced by the Antillean nation. The analyst pointed out that the assumption that military intervention would solve the situation in Cuba only illustrates how the interests of anti-Cuban groups in Miami are aligned with those of the United States.

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US media address US interference in Cuban affairs


US media on Friday addressed interventionist statements by President Joe Biden and other US officials in Cuba’s internal affairs of Cuba. The Politico newspaper noted that Biden said he considers ‘many possibilities to help Cuban citizens, while trying to find out what actions the Cuban Government would not take advantage of’. Among the actions in process, the president noted that he is weighing sending vaccines to Cuba to ‘help’ fight the increase in cases of Covid-19, and ignored the effects of the blockade on Cuba’s efforts to advance with ‘Abdala’ and four vaccine candidates.

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CITMATEL provides high technology for citizen benefit in Cuba


The goal of contributing to Cuba´s computerization and digital transformation of society drives the efforts of the Information Technology and Advanced Telematic Services Company (CITMATEL) on a daily basis. MSc. Marta Francis, director of CITMATEL´s Organizational Development, said the company is aimed at creating and providing services and useful products to institutions and individuals, while generating financial resources for Cuba´s breakthroughs.

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Trigger words and the duty of revolutionaries in the Internet era

cartel internet

Anti-communist propaganda based on manipulating terms like “democracy,” “human rights” and “freedom” has expanded its repertory with certain expressions about Cuba based on a fabricated image, which are strewn across on the Internet as common knowledge. In Biology class, I don’t remember if it was in middle or high school, we learned about conditioned reflexes based on the work of the Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Ivan Pavlov.

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Cuba advocates safe and legal use of the internet around the world

Cuba abogados

The International Forum for the Peaceful Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) concluded July 10, at the Hotel Iberostar Packard in Havana, with a final declaration advocating a negotiating process within the United Nations framework for the adoption of a legally binding instrument, which would make possible the elimination of significant gaps that now exist in the field of cybersecurity.

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New ways of linking government with the people

Gobierno pueblo

What does electronic government mean to Cubans? This term, which is part of the country’s computerization policy, has been a premise for some years, and saw significant advances in 2018.

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Colonialism 2.0 in Latin America and the Caribbean


Once the internet became the central nervous system of the economy, research, news, and politics, the United States’ borders were extended across the planet. Only the U.S. and its corporations are sovereign, no other nation-state exists that could reshape the net by itself, to put a brake on Colonialism 2.0, despite local anti-monopoly laws and clear policies supporting sustainability on the social, ecological, economic, and technological order – much less build a viable alternative to disconnect from the so-called information society.

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Computerizing society, a joint effort to promote development

wifi cuba

As part of its program to develop telecommunications technologies in the country, Cuba’s telecommunications enterprise (ETECSA) continues to work on expanding the population’s access to the Internet. In this regard, the company’s director, Mayra Arevich, reported that a total of 27,316 persons have now acquired home connections, via Nauta Hogar, available on all the country’s municipalities.

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Is finished the myth of Internet censorship in Cuba?

Cuba Wifi

So far, the international press told us that the Cuban government was hindering the internet development in the Island on their quest for controlling the information.
Interestingly, these same mass media reported a few months ago, about the licenses granted by the US President to American companies in the sector to reach investment agreements with Cuban state company ETECSA in order to improve Internet on the Island