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Minute by Minute: The Revolution defends itself in the streets

Canel en calleThe First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, appeared live on the national radio and television network.

During his statements, the Head of State denounced the participation of the US administration in the historic political destabilization actions that are taking place against Cuba, and which have intensified, particularly during the pandemic.


22:10 - Tranquility, peace, tranquility in the heart of Havana

21:54 – The streets of Guantanamo belong to the revolutionaries

20:25 – Minister of Energy: What factors influence the increase in planned outages?

I ask the people for understanding, they work uninterruptedly, including Saturday and Sunday, to solve problems that we have in the base generation, mainly thermoelectric
Tense situation limitations in spare parts and technology, fuel for generation due to blockage problems and fuel quality
Since June 21, impacts that have increased in recent days because Guiteras came out, which contributes 300 megawatts
More instability of other plants
Last 3 days increased because demand increased considerably more than 320 megawatts at the peak of the night more consumption than previous days
Causes major effects
This also has to do with rising temperatures
19 units 13 have their maintenance cycle postponed
Final phase of concluding work on La Guitera
In the early hours of Tuesday, the block should be synchronized with the national electrical energy system
Work is being done to incorporate Felton
Between Felton and Guiteras, more than 500 megawatts must be incorporated into the system

19:58 – Cuban scientists willing to preserve the Sovereign Homeland

One of the creators of the Sovereign vaccines, Dagmar García Rivera, shared on her Twitter account the willingness of Biocubafarma scientists to do whatever is necessary to preserve our Homeland.

“The streets are ours, Cuba is ours. We will overcome this crisis as we have overcome others. Only the unity of the people will save us,” he said.

While some try to boycott the Cuban revolution, the scientists continue with their work to immunize the island. From very early on, workers from the Matanzas Drug Store continue to distribute Abdala and specialists from the Cuban National Neuroscience Center install PCUVENTE ventilators in the Matanzas hospitals .

19:53 – Good Faith: Nobody imposes anything on us

Israel and Yoel: “Nobody imposes anything on us.” “We have never hidden what we stand for.” “We believe in the great Cuban family.” “We defend the Health System, which is the one that is battling the pandemic.”

19:51 – Tranquility in most of the streets of Havana

19:40 – Fernando González Llort: At the call of the homeland, always, Present!

19:32 – The humble and grateful people of Artemis

19:27 – Piedad Córdoba: “Our support for Cuba and Díaz-Canel”

From Colombia, through Twitter , Piedad Córdoba sends her support to Cuba and the Díaz-Canel government.

19:22 – The answer in Cienfuegos is clear

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

19:18 – UPEC Presidency: The Cuban people would never rise up against themselves

The professionals and workers of the press in Cuba, always guided by the righteous and libertarian ideal of revolutionaries such as José Martí, Juan Gualberto Gómez, Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Fidel and Raúl, exalt the patriotic greatness of the Cuban people, their integrity and dignity , with which we will confront any attempt to provoke a social outbreak in the country. The latter will be impossible in a geographically small but morally immense nation that carried out one of the most profound social revolutions in this world.

The sensitive and honorable Cuban people would never rise up against themselves. He learned to discover his true enemies very well, to confront them under that Martian idea that freedom is paid at its price, something that mercenaries and plattists on duty will never understand.

Daily witnesses to the sacrifice of our people, the press workers will stand alongside them in defense of their honor and rights and alerting them to the serious scenario of fourth-generation warfare and mean and lying media siege imposed on the country.
19:17 – Cubans join the revolutionary response from the ICRT

Revolutionary response of ICRT workers. “The street belongs to the revolutionaries.

protestas domingo3












protestas domingo 4












19:16 – From Jobabo, support for Díaz-Canel

protestas domingo  5












19:10 – Young UCI university students ready to defend the Revolution

19:04 – Revolutionaries parade through the Havana Prado
18:54 – This afternoon at Maceo de Las Tunas park

18:53 – Ministry of Finance and Prices: “At the forefront in the defense of the Revolution”
18:40 – The provocateurs in Cuba wave United States flags

18:32 – “This street belongs to Fidel”, assures the people of Havana18:28 – In Ciego de Ávila, the streets also belong to the revolutionaries

protestas avileños












In Ciego, the streets also belong to the revolutionaries, the entire people   on the street defending the Homeland.

Avileños take to the streets to defend the Revolution.

18:20 – What did Díaz-Canel say in San Antonio de los Baños?

18:14 – Gerardo Hernández at the head of the revolutionary people in Neptuno and Galiano

18:09 – Caibarienenses take to the streets

18:06 – The revolutionary people of Cienfuegos, true owners of the streets

18:05 – The MINREX in the first line in defense of its people

18:01 – Bruno Rodríguez: The people mobilize against the campaign of imperialism against Cuba

17:57 – Díaz-Canel has called and his people respond without hesitation

17:50 – On video, the Cuban people take to the streets to defend the Revolution

17:47 – Díaz-Canel exchanged with the population in San Antonio de los Baños

canel calle










The first secretary of the PCC exchanged with the population of San Antonio de los Baños.

17:45 – Unofficial version of Díaz-Canel’s words

Cubadebate shares the unofficial version of Díaz-Canel’s words

Díaz-Canel to the people of Cuba: “The order to fight is given, the revolutionaries to the streets”canel san antpno

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