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Soberana is a go!

Canel cientificosThere is a small island country, bathed in the waters of the Caribbean. A country as small as David, with the same courage when the time comes to face a giant. A small country that has struggled and struggles. A small country dressed in olive green.

A country with sons and daughters who wage their battle looking into a microscope, wearing a white lab coat.

A country that has achieved an epic feat, an incalculable, healing feat. What vision to have bet on our own vaccines!

There is a country which, like the world, is confronting an invisible enemy, but our country, our island, must also face a siege, break blockades, invent marvels with our hands practically tied.

A country that rises to the occasion, despite the obstacles. A country working nights in laboratories, in search of the miraculous elixir.

There is a country that, against all odds, now has a vaccine: Soberana.

Today, the flag waves more beautifully than ever and our chests can barely hold the pride,

There is a country within a vial. With every dose sporting a beard and smelling of the Sierra Maestra.

There is a country that will help others, extend a hand, offer solidarity amidst the chaos they call a health emergency.

Soberana is a go! Our homeland, proud of its sons and daughters.

Cuba, look how beautiful your people are! Put on your suit of blue stripes with a single star!

There is a country that does not surrender. Sovereign she goes, prouder than ever, our homeland.


- The efficacy of Soberana 02, administered in two doses, is 62%, thus surpassing the World Health Organization’s requirement of 50% for an anti-COVID candidate to be recognized as a vaccine.

- Nevertheless, yet to be determined is the efficacy of two Soberana02 doses combined with a dose of Soberana Plus, the formula developed by the Finlay Institute in collaboration with other Cuban scientific institutions, in a regimen that will undoubtedly yield superior results, which are set to be announced shortly.

- The announced findings were established by an Independent Committee, and although the candidate has met the requirements of a vaccine, its emergency use must be authorized by the State Center for Medication, Medical Equipment and Devices (Cecmed).

- Finlay Institute director Vicente Vérez Bencomo stated that the results are very encouraging, since they were obtained precisely as mutant strains have begun to circulate. This effectiveness is not only against the original strain, but against a combination of strains now present in Havana, with a significant portion of these raising concerns in terms of their contagiousness and resistance to vaccines.

- First Party Secretary and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, stated during a meeting with the scientists, “This is a convincing result achieved by Cuban scientists that says a great deal. It serves as another conformation of Fidel’s visionary thinking and the scientific capacity created by the Revolution.”

- “I am sure,” Díaz-Canel continued, “Ours will be the vaccine that the poor of the world will be able to access, and this is related to the millions of commitments you have defended, the millions of principles forged by the Revolution, and in those which you, too, have forged, that mean millions of joyful moments for the Cuban people.”

- Results like these, achieved in just 13 months, the President commented later, “uphold our nation, our Cuban identity, and are emancipatory results, because they were achieved by a poor, brutally blockaded country that has lived this last year and a half confronting aggression and perverse, malicious acts full of hate and brutality.”

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