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Canadian medical donation arrives in Cuba

Holguin-Donativo-Cubanos-CanadaToronto´s ‘Juan Gualberto Gómez’ Association of Cuban Residents on Saturday made a donation of medical supplies to Cuba´s Holguín health centers for preventing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Facebook, the Canadian association announced Saturday afternoon the arrival of syringes, gloves, medicines, face masks, bandages, gauze and disposable gowns, among other necessary medical supplies, at Holguín´s ‘Frank País’ International Airport.

Dr. Rebeca Robles, official of Holguin’s Provincial Direction of Public Health, recognized the Canadian association´s altruistic donation worth over $65,000. This medical donation will be sent to Holguín Children´s Hospital.

‘This is an example of the ¨Bridge of Love¨ program among brotherly nations, as the US blockade against Cuba is tightened and damages the purchasing of pivotal resources to cover medical and hospital assistance for over one million inhabitants.’

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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