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Domestic industry produces cell phone towers

trabajadores CubaOne of the guiding objectives of the Informatics, Communications and Electronics Industrial Enterprise (Gedeme) is to create production chains and alliances to achieve greater productivity, while substituting imports, promoting innovation and taking advantage of the potential of national industry. Progress on these goals was advanced recently with the launching of a project to manufacture 50 towers for mobile phone service.

Diana Rosa Laffita Vega, Gedeme business director, explained to Granma that the project was commissioned by Cuba´s telecommunications enterprise Etecsa, to produce antenna-bearing structures for communications services, which have previously been imported.

“A guyed tower or mast, as others know it, is a lightweight structure that is easy to install and offers very good weight-bearing characteristics at great heights.”

In the case of the order placed by Etecsa, the director specified that in includes 30 towers 21 meters high and 20 of 30 meters; both constructed with steel purlin, plates or tubes, and can withstand winds up to approximately175 Km/h.

Referring to their technical characteristics, she added that these structures are fixed to the ground by means of a concrete casting attached to the base of the tower, with highly resistant, 8.8 class, hot-dip galvanized fasteners, which guarantee the structures’ stability, resistance and operation.

This type of tower is not only used to support mobile phone service, but can also be used as repeaters for television signals, AM and FM radio stations, and higher frequencies (VHF and UHF), which are used for short distance links and also as radars and aids in aviation and maritime navigation, she reported.

According to the specialist, the project constitutes an invaluable step forward in building production capacity, replacing imports, and advancing the computerization of society. It will have significant social impact as part of a continuous process underway to improve the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.

(Taken from Granma)

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