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We must maintain the Party’s authority based on the prestige we earn with our work

Canel ArtemisaDíaz-Canel insisted on the importance of maintaining strong ties with the masses, increasing militancy and intransigence, encouraging the participation of youth, strengthening the work of grassroots organizations, and ensuring that debate among Party members coincides with the country’s public agenda.

The essential point emphasized at meetings of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, led by First Secretary Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and Roberto Morales Ojeda, secretary of Organization and Cadre Policy, with leaders in the provinces of Pinar del Río and Artemisa, was that the guidelines, ideas, concepts and agreements of the Communist Party of Cuba 8th Congress must be incorporated into regular work at all levels, as will be discussed in meeting of this type across the country.

Díaz-Canel insisted that the ideas, concepts and guidelines approved at the Congress, in April, must produce concrete results and recalled in Pinar del Rio that the epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19 prevented public debate before the paramount gathering of Party members.

He specified that the 8th Congress was distinguished by two themes: continuity and unity. In this regard, he noted that in order to continue strengthening unity, maintaining the moral authority of the Party is key.

“This authority was built by the historical generation on the basis of its merits. No one can deny the role that the Party plays in society, but now it is up to us to maintain and enrich this based on the prestige we earn with our work, confronting the country’s problems alongside the people”, he emphasized.

He stressed the need for the Party to be increasingly democratic, encouraging the participation of Cuban men and women, members and non-members.

“How do we defend this unity? By eliminating dogma, fighting prejudice, confronting any vestige of discrimination,” he said, reiterating the will to “advance by resisting” based on our own efforts, consolidating socialism to develop a prosperous society.

(Taken from Granma)

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