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Cuba’s one party must represent the interests of the entire population

Canel y viceDuring a recent meeting of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Political Bureau, a document was presented summarizing concepts and guidelines approved at the 8th Congress, to facilitate debate among members and the people as a whole.

During the last meeting of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee Political Bureau, presided by its first secretary, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, a document was presented summarizing the ideas, concepts and guidelines outlined in the Central Report to the 8th Congress, the closing remarks and documents approved by working commissions. Introduced by Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, Secretariat member and head of its Ideological Department, the text served as the axis of the virtual meeting held by the national leadership with some 2,600 key Party cadres across the country.

The gathering’s closing comments, delivered by First Secretary Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, constituted essential reflections on the work of the Party and the defense of the Revolution in these times.

He insisted that in the process of debate now opening among the membership and the entire people, it is imperative that for everyone interpret for themselves “what continuity is and what unity is, and how unity is defended and how continuity is defended.” If we do not do this, we have not understood the 8th Congress, he added.

Unity, he argued, has been forged, defended, and consolidated by the historic leadership over the course of years of Revolution, but it now poses new challenges.

The gradual process through which the historic generation has conferred on new generations central responsibilities in the Party, the state and government requires the moral authority of the single party, which is called upon to guarantee this unity, representing the nation, he stated.

“It is very important to maintain unity – and this is a concept of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz – that a single party must be more democratic, give more participation, reach more consensus, work more collectively.”

The single Party, Díaz-Canel said, “must represent the interests of the entire population.”

The moral authority of the Party is essential to maintaining unity, he reiterated, and a large portion of this moral authority depends on the exemplarity of the membership, a value shared by all revolutionaries and our entire population.

Díaz-Canel emphasized another essential concept: continuity, insisting that we must defend it with a broad vision that includes consolidating the authority gained by the accomplishments of the historic generation.

“We must preserve the leadership and moral authority of our organization, that is what gives continuity,” and this also includes exemplarity, in our conception of being the political vanguard. “Generational continuity is a fundamental part of unity, that is why the Party must work hard with youth,” he stressed.

The First Secretary went on to address a number of issues and tasks related to the work of the Party, including its internal life, and reiterated that the development of the national economy, along with the struggle for peace and ideological firmness, constitute the main missions of the organization, and therefore are today’s priorities.

The present and future of the country, the defense of the Revolution and our progress depend on what we are capable of doing with our own efforts, without renouncing solidarity with other peoples, he added.

(Taken from Granma)

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