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The blockade of Cuba does not express the will of the U.S. people

bloqueo miamiEvidence abounds that the hostile blockade policy imposed by the U.S. government on Cuba, almost immediately after the triumph of the Revolution, does not reflect the sentiment or will of the majority of the population in that country. This was has been confirmed by local authorities in almost twenty U.S. cities.

The most recent call for the normalization of relations between the two nations took place when the Chicago City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution calling on the U.S. government to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba, thus becoming the eighteenth U.S. city to make such a statement.

According to Cubaminrex, the resolution, which also urges President Joe Biden to lift the escalated sanctions ordered by Trump, is the result of a campaign carried out over the last two years by more than 200 Chicago residents.
Cyclists joined the caravan in Miami. Photo:

Also reported was a letter to Biden from the Latin American Council of Churches – which includes more than 100 Christian denominations and religious organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean – advocating the normalization of relations; the same position expressed in another letter to the President signed by more than 50 environmental, academic, religious, human rights and business organizations in the United States.

(Taken from Granma)

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