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Cuba improves health protocols, produces Covid-19 vaccine candidates

Soberana-02Cuba is currently improving its health protocols to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, while producing its most-advanced vaccine candidate, ¨Soberana 02¨, on a large scale, in order to begin phase III of clinical trials in March.

During the latest meeting of the temporary working group, it was insisted on the need to speed up the results of the PCR tests, as well as the corresponding transfers of positive cases to isolation centers.

At present, Cuban provinces are focused on improving active screening, increasing health controls and hospital capacities, creating new molecular biology labs, and applying restrictions on mobility.

In addition, as part of national strategy, the country is developing four vaccine candidates, of which Soberana 02 is the most advanced and is already being produced on a large scale to begin phase III of clinical trials in March.

On Saturday, BioCubaFarma Business Group President Eduardo Martínez toured the Biocen plant where a new batch of the Cuban vaccine candidate is being produced on a large scale.

During the visit, Roselyn Martinez, deputy director of Industrial Operations at the Finlay Vaccine Institute, said that production represents another milestone in the development strategy of Cuban Covid-19 vaccines.

The Cuban biopharmaceutical industry completed the first batch of 150,000 Soberana 02 doses, a scientific-technological milestone for the country, and announced that the second batch was already being produced.

According to the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), Cuba may become the first Latin American country to produce its own vaccine and once the candidates are concluded, it could also benefit the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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