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Cuban science focuses on food security and sustainable development

cuba cienciasThe Center for Environmental Research (CIMAC) in Camagüey province is promoting projects that respond to the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development approved by the United Nations, and which seeks food security.

‘With an integrated view with the academia, our scientific work has as a premise the environmental management as a support to the sustainable advance of tourism, food production and other economic-social spheres,’ stated the director of the institution, Nereyda Junco.

Lately, on the Science Day in this region, experts highlighted the application of the Task Life guideline, the Cuban State’s plan to fight against climate change, by showing results in this 2020 ‘beneficial for the various protected areas of the territory,’ Junco noted.

For CIMAC, the conservation of natural resources, soil protection and the correct management for its exploitation with economic purposes are primary premises that are checked by international institutions.

The research lines’ contributions lead to good practices in the agricultural sector, where the Basal Project implemented directly to food production plans stands out, which is one of the priorities of the Cuban government.

CIMAC, along with other centers, carries out studies on soil improvement, seed multiplication and the use of actions to improve horticultural nutrition.

Science and technology applied in the environmental program for sustainable development are crucial elements in the province, the largest in the country with 16,000 square kilometers.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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