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Humanism, anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: Youth taking Fidel’s path

humanismThe legacy of the humanist, anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal ideas of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, will be present today, and tomorrow November 26, during the International Online Youth Forum “Banner Ideas.”

Commemorating the fourth anniversary of the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s departure to eternity, focused on the maxim: “Unity for solidarity, anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism: Action for necessary transformation in times of COVID,” the event is sponsored by the Young Communists League (UJC) and Cuban student and social organizations.

This is an opportunity to raise ideas as banners of justice, hope and confidence in a world that we must make better, Diosvany Acosta Abrahante, first secretary of the UJC National Committee, noted on his Twitter account.

Many voices from around the world are sure to come together to remember Fidel’s legacy and denounce the outrages of imperialism, he added.

With the goal of analyzing and proposing actions to confront the current situation, more than 2,000 organizations in 162 countries will meet via the UJC website (; @ujcuba, for Facebook and YouTube, and @UJCdeCuba, for Twitter – to discuss how we can recover from the pandemic, and achieve economic development and social welfare for our peoples, according to an ACN report.

Leonel Pérez Friman, president of the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Students (Oclae), insisted, “We did not want to lose the opportunity to bring the world closer to the struggles of the Cuban people, to that calls we always raise for solidarity and unity of the peoples.”

Also a member of the University Student Federation (FEU) Secretariat, Pérez pointed out that, in addition to the health disaster left by the new coronavirus, urgently needed are unity around actions for peace and against wars and armed conflicts; stopping aggression against the environment and climate change, and demanding an end of blockades and unilateral coercive measures, violations to human, gender and international rights, unemployment, as well as limited access to education and health services.

The event will include a central forum on Fidel’s thought; a special discussion on peace; and regional meetings to exchange information on our different realities, in defense and solidarity with the just causes of the people, and to promote cooperation that guarantees access to all COVID-19 medications and vaccines to save lives during the pandemic.

A cultural evening will also be held to pay tribute to the Comandante en Jefe, and the closing session will include the presentation of a declaration calling for unity of the world’s youth, supporting their struggles and demands, and solidarity with Cuba.

(Taken from Granma)

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